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Every chapter of the Bible in 140 characters or less.

I summarised the Bible on Twitter between Aug 2010 and Nov 2013 - one tweet per chapter, one chapter per day.

The @biblesummary account peaked at over 30,000 followers, and was featured in the news all over the world.

Find out about the project here, or feel free to get in contact.

You can also follow my new project at @BibleIntro.


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One million visits!

Sometime in the past month, the Bible Summary website received its one millionth visit. That seems extraordinary to me!

The website has been fairly dormant over recent months as I've focussed on other projects (and moving house) but I've got plans brewing for further developments.

Bible Summary is obviously no longer a live pilgrimage, but hundreds of people still use the website every day as a reference. I think a redesign is in order to make the site better suited to the new purpose.

I have a number of things that I know I need to improve - not least dedicated versions of the website for the 29% of visitors using mobile phones and 14% of visitors using tablets. But I'm also open to suggestions.

If you have ideas about what I should include in the redesign, or opinions about how the site works at the moment, please feel to comment on this post or to contact me.

I've also managed to get hold of the domain name and I'm contemplating a move. I'd be interested in your thoughts about that as well.

Thanks for visiting!

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A book and an EP

Things have been a little quiet here over the past few weeks. That's partly because I've been discussing final changes to my @BibleIntro book with my editor. And partly because I've been finishing an EP of my worship songs.

I released 'Songs of Everlasting Hope' on July 3rd. It's five of my songs that we use at church, including a version of Psalm 40 ('I Waited for the Lord'), a paraphrase of Colossians 1 ('We Have Known Forgiveness') and an attempt at telling the whole story of salvation ('In the Silence of Beginning').

You can listen via Bandcamp below...

A fruitful time!

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I've written a book!

Things have been quiet here at the Bible Summary website. That's partly because I've been moving house. And partly because I've been finishing my @BibleIntro book!

I sent the final @BibleIntro manuscript to the publishers last Thursday - a day ahead of my deadline. (If only I had been that disciplined with writing at university!) The book is with an editor as we speak.

I'm pleased with what I've come up with. For each book of the Bible I give a short introduction, the key characters, a key passage, summaries of the key chapters and some thoughts towards applying the message of the book to life.

The book is currently due to be released early 2015. I'll keep you posted here. And do follow the @BibleIntro Twitter account for all the latest.

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